Our Board of Directors

Mr. Tariq Baig

Managing Director / CEO


Mr. Tariq Baig started his professional career in the Pakistan Army. During his service with the army, he attended a number of important professional courses on technical and management nature and held various coveted appointments of command and staff. In addition he also served as an instructor at the School of Armour. He saw action in both the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971. In recognition for his valour and meritorious services as a Squadron Command during the 1971 war, the President of Pakistan conferred upon him the third highest gallantry award of Sitara-e-Jurat. He left the Army in 1977 and established Omer Glass Industries (OMROC) in 1980.  In 1993 he took over the management of Nasir Siddiq Corporation Pakistan Limited (TOYO NASIC), which had been closed for seven consecutive years.

Today both Toyo Nasic and Omroc are leading brands in Pakistan.

In 2013, Mr. Tariq Baig established a state of the art Float Glass Plant in Pakistan, with a vision of horizontal integration. Producing a range of clear glass from 2mm to 13mm thickness as well as mirror, sand blasted, tinted and reflective products, this project has quickly established a name for itself in both domestic as well as international markets.

Mr. Tariq Baig is main sponsoring director of the following units:

  • Tariq Glass Industries Limited (Managing Director)
  • Omer Glass Industries Limited (Director)
  • Omer Packages (Private) Limited (Director)
  • M & M Glass (Private) Limited (Chairman)

Mr. Omer Baig



Mr. Omer Baig is one of the main sponsoring directors of Tariq Glass Industries Limited (a public limited company). After graduating in the business studies from USA, he joined Omer Glass Industries Limited. On attaining sufficient expertise in the glass field, he was entrusted the full responsibility of handling that unit under the guidance of Mr. Tariq Baig the Chairman and the Managing Director of Tariq Glass Industries Limited.

With the transfer of tableware facilities of Omroc from Peshawar to Sheikhupura, Omer Glass Industries Limited converted its production from tableware to Opal glass during Mr. Omer Baig’s tenure.

Although, the manufacturing of Opal glass was a challenging task as it was a new field and very few countries of the world were producing this type of glass at that time, the unit successfully managed to achieve expertise in Opal glassware production. The production of which was comparable to international standards.

Mr. Omer Baig is main sponsoring director of the following units:

  • Tariq Glass Industries Limited (Chairman)
  • Omer Glass Industries Limited (Managing Director)
  • Omer Packages (Private)Limited (Managing Director)
  • M & M Glass (Private) Limited (Chief Executive Officer)

Mrs. Naima Shahnaz Baig


Mrs. Naima Shahnaz Baig is a business graduated and industrialist by profession. Her knowledge of business operations and models has played a vital role in the success of following companies:

  • Tariq Glass Industries Limited (Director)
  • Omer Glass Industries Limited (Director)
  • Omer Packages (Private) Limited (Director)

Mr. Tajammal Husain Bokharee


Mr. Tajammal Husain Bokharee is a renowned banker and has over five decades’ professional experience in corporate finance, investment banking and advisory services. He is serving on the board of various Companies including banks, financial institutions, and public listed companies. Mr. Bokharee started his career with Standard Chartered Bank in 1966 and remained in the Banking Sector for 43 years, serving on various executive level positions. Mr. Bokharee is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London and Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, Pakistan. Mr. Bokharee is now providing consultancy and advisory services as freelancer to the industry.

Mr. Mansoor Irfani


Mr. Mansoor Irfani did his schooling from Central Model School, Lahore and graduated from Gordon College Rawalpindi. He joined the Pakistan Army in 1966, during which time he held a number of staff, instructional and command appointments. He is also a graduate of the Command & Staff College, Quetta where he also served as Directing Staff. In addition he was awarded MSc (War Studies) degree by Islamabad University. He retired from the Army with a rank of Lt. Colonel. Since 1974, he has been a Director with Tariq Glass Industries Limited and is one of the pioneers who have contributed in the revival of the unit and made it a profitable venture.

Mr. David Julian


Mr. David Julian is a dynamic and ambitious professional who is result orientated and committed to growing a business from within. Mr. David possesses the right attitude that will fit in to any existing highly skilled team and has the same passion and drive for every project he works on. He is a well-organized individual with an effective use of time management and an ability to prioritize effectively and be flexible where necessary. Over 20 years of affiliation with Tariq Glass Industries Limited, Mr. David has proved his skills in each and every field of the business.

Mr. Naeem Nazir


Mr. Naeem Nazir is an Independent Director and also leading as a Chairman of Audit Committee and Member of HR & Remuneration Committee. Mr. Naeem Nazir is a Master in Administrative Sciences from University of the Punjab and completed correspondence course as a chartered accountant (inter) in 1981 from ICAP. Mr. Naeem is a professional and pro-active manager who always has an upbeat positive attitude and who possesses a successful track record in building and cultivating business critical relationships. He is always calm and tactful and can deal with any situation that arises, he is an entrepreneurial team oriented person who thrives in a high-energy, fast-paced sales environment. He is always willing to take on board new ideas and to develop them further.